Welcome to the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department!

Found in 2014, the department of electrical and electronics engineering is one of the youngest departments of Çankaya University. Standing on  more than twenty years of experience in higher education, we aim to train future electrical and electronics engineers with a strong and growing academic staff every year in terms of teaching and research.
The contributions of the electrical and electronics engineering, one of the branches of basic engineering, to many areas of life are increasing day by day. We are witnessing this positive effect, especially in the fields of communication, health, safety and education all over the world.
Our department regards the students to train as futuristic technology designers and life architects. Our aim is to train electrical-electronics engineers who are sensitive to their surroundings, produce added value, have the ability to do their own work after their graduation and who can do quality engineering all over the world.
We have ambitious, exciting, specialized academic staff, contemporary and adequate laboratory and campus facilities to achieve this goal.
We want to share this excitement with you, to learn and to produce, to develop among you the hardworking and inquisitive youth like you, we invite you to establish our future together.
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